Cyber Security Workshop

Futures Business Voice hosted a free Cyber Security workshop on 29th January 2020 at Futures House. Presented by Sean O’Neil, Fraud & Cyber Security Advisor for Bedfordshire Police, the two-hour workshop focused on known and new cyber threats and how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime.


Participants at the event

Key Advice to take into consideration:

  • Always Install the latest software & app updates – Cyber criminals use weaknesses in software and apps to attack your devices and steal your identity. Software and app updates are designed to fix these weaknesses
  • Don’t ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your smartphone
  • Switching off software restrictions leaves your phone vulnerable to malicious software or applications (malware), which can infect your phone and damage or delete data including your valuable photos and videos.
  • Safeguard your most important data – such as your photos and key documents, by backing them up to an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage system.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi to transfer sensitive information such as card details
  • Always back-up your most important data

Programmes Manager and event organiser, Ishaq Kazi said: “As Cyber criminals get more and more sophisticated in obtaining sensitive and personal information it is extremely important to keep up to date with new threats and how to prevent them. The feedback from attendees was very positive and we will be looking to hold more of these workshops as needed.”

                   Event Organiser, Ishaq Kazi welcomes guests

Cyber Security expert, Sean O’Neil


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