About Marsh Farm Futures

Marsh Farm Futures (MFF) is a company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity. It is an independent and financially self-sustaining anchor organisation for the area. Marsh Farm Futures works with the local community to understand their needs, maintain their interest, and enable them to play a role in initiating businesses, delivering new services and community activities in the area.

Aims & Objectives

The objectives of the Charity are to promote the regeneration in this area of social and economic deprivation to benefit the public.

Principal Aims 

  1. Provision of affordable, well-managed and sustainable facilities for enterprise and community activities;
  2. Development of a vibrant local economy where businesses can prosper and community enterprise can flourish, creating jobs and a skilled and competitive workforce;
  3. Promoting effective partnership working between all sectors to build capacity and create a sustainable community ‘anchor’ organisation to ensure that the needs of the community are understood and addressed.

Secondary Aims

4. Support local youth programmes which develop skills and confidence engaging young people as active decision makers, and encourage a healthy, confident community who feel safe, and have a range of accessible facilities;

5. Improvement in educational standards for all with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences.

Marsh Farm Futures – Services & Projects

Marsh Farm Futures provides a range of services from Futures House for the Surrounding Communities, including Business Excellence and Youth Engagement.

About Marsh Farm

Marsh Farm is a vibrant and diverse community in the north Luton area.  Most of the area was built in the 1960’s with a mixture of public sector and private housing.  It has a population in the region of 8,000 with a bias towards the younger age groups.  Marsh Farm has five schools, three day care nurseries and a small shopping centre, it is well connected by regular bus services to Luton town centre.

The state of the art Futures House offers community halls, enterprise space, health,  police services and a children’s play park.