Marsh Farm Futures (MFF) is a Company limited by Guarantee and registered Charity, established in 2010.  It is an independent and financially self-sustaining anchor organisation.

We work collaboratively with private, public and voluntary sectors to deliver services for the community. We aim to deliver these services through a number of strategic objectives, as below:

Objective 1 – The role of Futures House

Providing affordable, well managed and sustainable facilities for enterprise and community activities.

Objective 2 – Economy and Skills base

As part of our strategy, Marsh Farm Futures is committed to developing a vibrant local economy where businesses can prosper and community enterprise can flourish, creating jobs and a skilled and competitive workforce.

Objective 3 – Improving educational standards

We aim to support this through a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences including a job club and youth outreach.

Objective 4 – Supporting youth programmes, employment, Community Safety (including 50+, Health initiatives & Community Funding

Marsh Farm Futures aims to develop skills and confidence in the local community and engage young people as active citizens and decision makers.

Objective 5 – Community Engagement

Marsh Farm Futures supports and offers a number of Community engagement initiatives including a free Community Fun Day, Fireworks Display, Community Garden and youth activities.


The organisation has a Board of Directors who meet six times a year for board meetings and may also have other ad-hoc meetings. Board members are also involved in other aspects of MFF work such as sub-committees, sub-groups and act as ambassadors for the organisation on a number of projects, events and gatherings.


An annual General Meeting is held once a year with general meetings held bi-monthly.  An extraordinary Board meeting may be called by Directors where deemed necessary.


The quorum for General Meetings is six Company Members or one half of Company Members for the time being, whichever is the lesser subject to a minimum of three, present in person or by proxy.

Board Membership

The make-up of the Board is as follows:

  • Three local residents, nominated by the community assembly or through such other process as the Board shall determine
  • Two business representatives, one of whom should be working in a business based on the Marsh Farm estate
  • Two Councillors nominated by the Council
  • Three other local stakeholders, at the reasonable discretion of the Board
  • One Young Person.