Health and Wellbeing Day 2018

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues. With Mental Health week approaching, Marsh Farm Futures has joined forces with the Terrence Higgins Trust to offer residents, workers, visitors and the local community as a whole the opportunity to meet with numerous healthcare providers and organisations and take part in different activities that are good for health, wellbeing and productivity.

On Wednesday 9th May 2018, Futures House will open its doors to host Health and Wellbeing Day 2018 from 1.30pm -7pm.

Some of the organisations that will be at the event include Penrose, Noah, Stroke Association, Alzheimer’s Society, Luton Sexual Health Services and Luton Community Mental Health to name a few. Visitors will also be able to sample different types of exercise classes and speak to health professionals about any concerns they might have.

Cathy McShane, Youth and Communities Manager for Marsh Farm Futures said: “As our lives get busier, we tend to forget about our physical and mental health and it is a vital part of leading a fulfilling life.

“Our aim at this free community event is to give people the opportunity to speak to health professionals about any concerns they might have, meet other people and see what help and support is available to them. To ensure that working people are also able to attend, the day will run until 7pm“

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