Marsh Farm Fireworks 2022

Over 3,500 people came out to enjoy the annual Marsh Farm Fireworks display on Sunday 6th November 2022. Dressed up warm for the weather, both young and older people gathered to enjoy the event. Hosted and sponsored by Marsh Farm Futures (MFF) with support from Nisa Local, it was a huge success. There were rides for the children to enjoy. Dave Crean, MFF board member with community volunteer and well-known local man, Ian Johnsen, prepared and gave out free hotdogs.



Cathy McShane, MFF Leisure Team Manager, said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this such a successful event including the community who braved the threat of bad weather to come and support and enjoy this annual event with their families. It’s magical to see the sky lit up with all the different fireworks and feel the joy and excitement in the air with everyone equally enthralled. We also had quite a few positive comments about the earlier time working really well so that children could enjoy themselves and be home in time for bed and school the next day.

“Thank you very much to Barry Patel and staff from Nisa Local who support us every year and this time went a step further donating 1000 free hotdogs for attendees. Thank you to BT Events and to all the catering units and children’s activities provider who all contributed to making this a success.

Click here for the Fireworks Grand Finale . **Contains flashing images**

One of the attendees, Alexia, said:” The Fireworks display from Nisa Local and Marsh Farm Futures team was quite simply the best fireworks display I have ever seen, I go to them every year and this year was by far the best.

“Not only did it go on for an impressive amount of time, but the arrangement was great, the sounds fun the colours were amazing, it did not disappoint. The music went along with every single firework they lit off, it went in a rhythm and was amazing. Display aside, I saw everything being set up and the amount of knowledge, professionalism and consideration for safety shown has easily assured me that their displays are one of a kind and one that I will always go to and feel safe!”