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Marsh Farm Fireworks -5th November 2017 

Marsh Farm Fireworks went off with a spectacular, colourful and musical bang at Lea Manor Fields on Sunday 5th November 2017.

Marsh Farm Futures, with sponsorship support from Nisa Local and Luton Borough Council, brought this annual event to the community.

Co-ordinated by BT Events, locals and people from across Luton came out in full force to enjoy the display. Officers and staff from Bedfordshire Police and St John's Ambulance were also on hand to make sure everyone had a safe and enjoyable time.

Local resident, Chloe Clarke who attended the Fireworks display said: “It was fun with a good turnout. I really enjoyed it.”

Young person, Shai Chin who watched the display said: “It was really good!”

Speaking after the event, Chief Executive, Mohammed Rafi said: “Hearing these positive comments from people who attended, shows us all why this is such a worthwhile event. Our thanks to this year’s sponsors, Nisa and LBC and also all the staff and volunteers who contributed to making this a success. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.”