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 Marsh Farm Futures Annual Partners Meeting

Marsh Farm Futures was proud to host its Annual Partners Event on Monday 7th August 2017. The event attracted quite a varied audience.

The evening was opened by Cllr Roy Davis, Chair of the board of Trustees for Marsh Farm Futures. Chief Executive, Mohammed Rafi gave a presentation on the achievements of Marsh Farm Futures in delivering its strategic objectives to the local community and spoke about the future plans to work more with the community and partners.

                                           Cross Section of guests                      

Areas discussed included how Marsh Farm Futures has been supporting the local community and economy through the development and delivery of practical projects, including health, employment and encouraging small businesses to grow with affordable rental space and hiring facilities.  Mohammed Rafi also spoke about how Marsh Farm Futures was aiming to re-establish one of the much loved features of Marsh Farm, Purley Market and do more work to engage the young people of Marsh Farm.

 Directors Louisa Boateng and Anna Pedersen with staff & guests      

Paul Thompson Employer and Skills Manager from SEMLEP was one of the guest speakers at the event. His presentation covered education and employment and tools available to deliver these goals to improve the education, employment and wellbeing of not only people in Marsh Farm but Luton and Bedfordshire as a whole.

Paul Thompson, SEMLEP

One of the larger tenants of Futures House, Clare Heywood, gave a well-received insight into the company they run, Heywood House, which offers respite care to people with profound learning difficulties and spoke about how they started as a small unit in Futures House to being one of the largest occupants. She acknowledged how Marsh Farm Futures had helped them to grow within Futures House as the unique space it offered was completely suited to the complex care their clients required.                                           

Margaret Fajolu, from Imercare, one of the initial businesses that set up in Futures House, also spoke about how her business had grown and established since.

Speaking after the event, Ishaq Kazi, Programme Manager, Event Organiser said:  ” I am very pleased with the response received from organisations we work with and it is this that encourages us greatly to look forward and build future partnerships”.

Marsh Farm Futures Chief Executive, Mohammed Rafi said:” Thank you to all our guests who took the time to attend our event. It has been a great opportunity to show not just what Marsh Farm Futures are doing in the community but also what other companies and organisations are doing in conjunction with us. We look forward to welcoming everyone again next year and highlighting more of our work.”