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Revoluton Arts at Futures House 


Revoluton Arts brought their state of the art pop up theatre 'Roundabout' to Marsh Farm for four days of intense performances, fun and entertainment.


A host of home grown writers, actors and artists offered an array of entertainment including spoken word, music, home grown plays, workshops and sensory events for both children and adults. One of the plays, riots to Revoluton, written by a Marsh Farm resident, told the story of the development of Marsh Farm.




The state of the art theatre took a number of days to build and local residents and tenants in Futures house got to see the different stages of the structure being built and marvel at the end result.




Guests were asked to pay what they felt it was worth after watching the performances. There was a good turnout of people of all ages who thoroughly enjoyed watching the talent on show and getting involved.


Facilities Manager, Robert Debont said: "This is part of Marsh Farm Futures commitment to bringing the arts and other cultural and community enriching activities to Marsh Farm. I'm pleased that it was a success and look forward to more events that help bring the community together and also showcase the inspiring talent and creativity in Luton."