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 Futures Community Voice - Can we clear it? Yes we can!

 Futures Community Voice have held their first clean-up project in Denmark Close, Marsh Farm. Local residents in conjunction with Futures Community Voice members gathered early on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October to begin the clearance.  Overgrown bushes were pruned, alley ways cleared, fences were painted. They also encouraged residents to bring out their rubbish rather than fly tip in a bid to make the area cleaner.


                   The clearing begins with pruning the overgrown hedges


The Results: After all the hedges had been cleared  


Futures Community Voice, a Community Representative Organisation, was set up by Marsh Farm Futures for local people to meet up and discuss issues that affect the areas they live and also to give residents the opportunity to get involved in improving their community.

Fly-tipping was one of the biggest concerns

LBC Cleansing team clearing all the rubbish


Dangerously overgrown hedge outside a house


After the hedge had been cut down


Organiser, Cathy McShane, Youth and Community Manager for Marsh Farm Futures said: “This is exactly what we hope to achieve with Futures Community Voice, empower and enable the community to take charge of the negative aspects in their local area, and improve them. We are there to support and encourage the local community and show them that we are listening to and acting on their concerns. On the day it was so refreshing to see young people come out to help and hear the pride in their voices when one of them said” You’re not allowed to mess up this area now, it’s posh!”



Chair of Futures Community Voice, Deniece Dobson said: “As a local resident myself, I understand the issues affecting us in the area we live. One of the aims of Futures Community Voice is to bring issues/concerns of the local residents to the board of Directors at Marsh Farm Futures so that they can help and support us if appropriate.


 "As part of the clean up project we liaised with various council departments, in particular the Street Cleansing Services, who I have to say have been real stars, very supportive and helpful to the project and it’s been great to work in partnership with them on this. It’s just a start and we have a long way to go, but hopefully if people start to see things happening in their area – they will come forward and get involved.


“We have already been successful in helping one resident after speaking to the council on their behalf and their issue has now been resolved. We have also applied for further funding to help with other projects on the estate that have been raised by the local residents.”